What is the LaM system?

LaM is a patent pending system available for educators to use in their classrooms for free. It helps and encourages teachers to play a role in getting children to move more while enforcing the information presented in class.

For students, LaM achieve the following:

  1. Save children from the negative consequences associated with sedentary habits
  2. Create the optimal brain conditions for them to learn while having fun.

This is achieved by by dividing a long lesson into smaller parts and quizzing the learner throughout the lesson after each part with an activity quiz. An activity quiz is a quiz which can be answered with a body movement.

LAM offers teachers the following tools and features:

  1. Create courses
  2. Create lessons
  3. Embed supporting material with each lesson such as pictures and videos
  4. Create activity quizzes
  5. Grade quizzes

Why learn and move? 

  • It can strengthen the Corpus Callosum which is the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain
  • It can reverse the imbalance in neurotransmitters caused by sedentary lifestyle and prolonged sitting
  • It can refresh the cerebellum which improves flow of information and posture
  • It can activate the fat burning enzymes in the blood
  • Movement improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps with ADHD and ADD
  • Helps some cases with Autism
  • Improves attention in all learners
  • Helps in the memorization of the information presented
  • Improve circulation and blood flow to the brain
  • Relieves anxiety